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Installation videos of Konto Acoustics

We created a few basic videos about installation of our acoustic panels. we published those in YouTube. You can find links to our three different videos below. As you can see installing of our panels is easy and can be done by anyone. Unfortunately the language is in Finnish still but we will add an English version in the near future.

Installation with Nails

Installation with nails is a good method in places and walls where it is possible. On the tip of a thin nail is a small plastic part which leaves in installation a small air gap between wall and panel. This improves our panel’s acoustic characteristics even more.



Installation with Tape

We do not give qurantees concerning double sided tape installations although they most likely will work just fine on most of the wall surfaces. Ceiling installations should not be done with tape at all. In some rare cases panel’s “peatish” surface itself can cause problems. You can solve the problem by using glue between tape and panel.



Installation with Glue

Overwhelmingly the most used installation method especially with bigger installations is glueing. You can find some basics about it below.