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Konto Ltd. is a completely Finnish owned company of which production is located in Finland. It manufactures layered blanket -, layered board – and shape pressed products mainly of Finnish natural fibers. Products are used mainly for acoustic purposes.

Research and development is a heart of our company. Our operations are built on strong product development know-how and on a tested and patented production process. Konto-products offer an ecological, non-toxic, organic and high quality choice for different end-uses.

Our company values ecological thinking throughout the process from product development to manufacturing and end-use. We value also high quality and good customer service to ensure successful end-use experiences. Konto Ltd.’s aim is to develop new ecological products for acoustic and design purposes, in which the best characteristics of natural fibers are combined to generate fascinating new products.

The name of our company “Konto” is a local word for peat. In  our home town Karvia people have gone to the swamp to harvest “Konto” throughout centuries. Thus the word Konto represent both our local roots and the main raw ingredient peat moss.

Natural fibers into products

Our current product range is based on long-term development. In the beginning of our journey peat’s excellent natural characteristics were revealed. Surface peat has an unique capacity either to absorb or to insulate depending on the treatment. The surface peat is also very durable and flexible material to shape. Konto-products combine and optimize these capabilities offering new and ecological ways to absorb sound.

Test results prove that Konto-products are highly competitive in comparison to the similar products on the market. Compared to many other products, Konto-products offer more sustainable and ecological choice. Surface peat regenerates relatively fast and it is a recyclable and safe natural fiber.

Our patented manufacturing process guarantees ecological way to create new innovative products. All waste can be recycled back to the manufacturing process. We do not use water in manufacturing process and we can even warm factory facilities with process heat during winter time.