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Our products are manufactured mainly of surface peat. The products are layered sheets/blankets and layered boards. Main end-uses are acoustic applications. We can create different composite materials by combining other fibers like wood or hemp and thus we can offer lots of further usage possibilities.

The main material used in our products is surface peat. The long-term product development has enabled us to harness peat’s excellent characteristics into new innovative end-uses. Our products and production process are patented.

A natural choice

Konto-products offer a natural and healthy choice for different end-uses. The main raw material used is surface peat. The most important criteria for Konto-products is sustainable development. Therefore, all the chosen product ingredients consider both nature and a customer.

Konto-products are developed by experts to meet the standards. All products have been tested with care. The product development has been a long-term process, in which our customers have played a key role.

Our production process is ecological. All excess material is returned into manufacturing process, so no raw material is wasted. The production line is efficient and saves both material and energy.