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Shape pressed composites

Konto surface peat products, blankets and boards, can be pressed into desired shapes. The shape of the products offers interesting possibilities: there is no better way to add value to products than to use an innovative design. The end products stand out from the crowd as design pieces or fulfil their usage purpose more efficiently. An efficient and tailored design offers great possibilities in all our product categories – acoustics, insulation and liquid absorption.

Shaping natural materials is arts and crafts, resulting in unique design-products. Konto has developed an efficient manufacturing process for natural raw materials to become blanket and board products. These basic products can be designed and converted into different shapes. The converting process extends the basic production using pressing equipment to create a desired shape. This enables converting Konto-products into design products or special series – shaping nature. The aim of Konto shape pressed composites is to improve the product usability or capabilities.