Oil absorption

Liquid absorption

Our liquid absorption product has excellent absorbing capabilities. The innovativeness lies in the features of the main raw material, peat moss. Our peat product resists water, absorbs oils and floats. The liquid absorbing blanket is easy to use, since it can be spread, for example, on contaminated water and collected as one piece. The liquid absorbing blankets are stored as rolls or sheets depending on the usage purpose.

Our liquid absorbing product is excellent for oil leaks. In difficult natural disasters our oil absorbing product is easy to handle and floats. The Konto oil absorbing blankets absorb oil and resist water. We are currently developing a toolkit to assist the oil absorbing process. Our aim is to provide a solution for oil absorption process, not just a single product.

See our liquid absorption-pdf (in finnish) here.

Watch our liquid absorption-video (in finnish) here.

Oil absorption products


Small blanket

Size 39,5cm x 39,5cm
16″ x 16″
Content 26 blankets/box
30 boxes/pallet
Absorption capability 50-60 l/box
13 -16 gallons/box
Product number 0001121395395


Big blanket

Size 80cm x 120cm
31″ x 46″
Content 60 blankets/box
2 boxes/pallet
Absorption capability 11-13 l/blanket
3-3,5 gallons/blanket
Product number 0011217801160



Small roll

Size 39,5cm x 10m
16″ x 33′
Content 1 roll/box
30 boxes/pallet
Absorption capability 50-60 l/box
13 – 16 gallons/box
Product number 0112239510000


Big roll

Size 1m x 10m
39″ x 33″
Content 6 rolls/pallet
Absorption capability 125-150 l/roll
33 – 40 gallons/roll
Product number 1122100010000



Small boom

Size 10cm x 100cm
4″ x 39″
Content 5 booms/box
30 boxes/pallet
Absorption capability 7 l/boom
2 gallons/boom
Product number 0011231001000


Big boom

Size 18cm x 200cm
7″ x 79″
Content 24 booms/pallet
Absorption capability 30 l/boom
8 gallons/boom
Product number 0011231802000


Bilge boom

Size 10cm x 50cm
Content Boom used in bilge water
Absorption capability 3,5 l/boom
1 gallon/boom
Product number 0001123100500


Oil spill kits

Oil spill box

Size 80cm x 60cm x 45cm
31″ x 23,6″ x 17,7″
Content 20 small blankets, 1 big blanket,
1 roll, 1 small boom, bag of peat,
shavel, plastic gloves, plastic bags,
plastic sack, safety classes, broom,
knife, plastic sock, cable tie and
strong, water-resistant veneer box.
Absorption capability 120-140 l/oil spill box
32 – 37 gallons/ oil spill box
Product number 1124600800450


Vehicle kit

Size 80cm x 118cm
31,5″ x 46,5″
Content Tarp packaging, 2 small blankets, 1 big blanket, plastic bag and gloves.
Absorption capability 16 l/vehicle kit
Product number 1124600800450




Size 90cm x 25cm
Content Konto Vehichle Kit (includes oil absorption material required in ADR-law for class 3, burning liquids), 5 plastic bags, bucket, shovel, protection classes and strong sack.
Absorption capability 16 l/ADR-kit
4 gallons/ADR-kit
Product number 0001124900250



Oil spill kit

Size 44cm, 40cm 10cm
17,3″ x 15,7″ x 3,9″
Content 2 small blankets, 1 big blanket, plastic bag, gloves and carbon box.
Absorption capability 16 l
4 gallons/oil spill box
Product number 1124440400100




Content Cleaning equipment for small  oil absorption blankets.
Absorption capability 2 l
0,5 gallons
Product number 0000011241500


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