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Konto’s ecological acoustic products exhibit an excellent sound absorption capability. The main raw material is surface peat fiber. Our acoustics board is light and easy to fasten. Furthermore, it stands moisture extremely well and is mold resistant. Due to its beautiful natural appearance Konto acoustic sheet opens up new opportunities in terms of interior design. It also constitutes a very good thermal insulation material. After attachment the board can be painted or fit with print graphics.

Peat has been used for different purposes including insulation for hundreds of years and is well suited for indoor use. Peat products do not affect indoor air wherefore our acoustics products are safe to use. This has been verified through tests conducted by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. In addition to this recycling of our products is easy.

Konto’s line of products is unique in the world and is manufactured only by us. Our acoustics boards can be used on walls, ceilings or even as light partition walls. They are of purely Finnish origin and the product of Finnish design. We are able to offer an interesting, ecological, healthy and safe solution to solve acoustics problems at home or in public spaces such as day-care centers, schools, offices, hospitals etc.

You can see a picture of our acoustic sheets above.

Natural silence

The Konto acoustics board offers natural silence for a variety of different spaces. Our acoustics products remove echo by bringing a piece of nature inside facilities – generating a comfortable atmosphere in a safe and soft ecological way. If needed we offer acoustic planning through our partners.


  • board sizes 594×594, 1194×594 mm and even up to 1194×2394 mm
  • standard thicknesses 20, 30, 40 and 50 mm
  • sound absorption class A (EN ISO 354 & EN ISO 11654).
  • M1 / CE classification
  • Reaction to fire classification (EN 13501-1:2018) :  B
  • thermal conductivity 0,037 W/mK (standard EVS EN 12667)
  • attachment with suspended ceiling system, cleats or with glue. Here is a link to three basic installation videos of our acoustic panels: Installation videos of Konto Acoustics.
  • since sheets are made of natural fibres some color and surface differences may exist. Slight color differences may occur if series are painted in different times.


Contact information: or +358 40 163 1037

Acoustic references can be found here.

Material data sheet can be downloaded from Material data sheet acoustic panel 22_11_2019.