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Having lunch under the blue sky in Neste Oyj headquaters

The acoustic design of Neste Oyj staff restaurant is made by Interior Design Riia Rauhala. This was one or the most complex project of Konto and followed the idea to have a relaxing atmosphere with good acoustic performance which the silent blue sky visually enhances.


The complexity was not come by the fact that the picture of the sky was divided and printed on approximately 200 separate acoustic panels but also because there is a lot infrastructure in and technique above the ceiling and all the panels had to be removable if needed. The focus was to install as much acoustic panels to the ceiling by fixed panel size and keep the finishing as harmonic as possible so that restaurant clients, Neste Oyj staff, would see the sky instead of heavy acoustic treatment.


Despite the project, the restaurant was fully operational all the time. And when you think the long late hours of working, it was worth it. The before and after is something indescribable: when before even the normal kitchen sounds were causing stress and urge to get outside, unthinking using the AV -system during business events. Now one can enjoy your lunch and socialize under the silent clear blue sky.