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Konto at High End Munich 2018

”The Ones”, which are active speakers made by Genelec had a big role at High End fair in Munich 2018. The sweet spot of the listening area was calibrated so that the best sound features of each speaker pair appeared in the middle seating position of the area. Behind each pair of speakers there was built an acoustic wall of Konto’s 30 mm acoustic panels with 300-400 mm air gap behind. With the acoustics set up this way, the sound reflections were attenuated effectively always from as low as 250Hz (reference: Lower audio frequency optimization than that was made with Genelec’s active speakers.


In Germany everything is big, including cables and speakers. Compared to this the Finnish counterpart was to connect the small sized Genelec active speakers to heavier acoustics with Konto’s acoustics. For each demo group we held a small presentation and then let the hearing and sight tell the rest. If the listener kept his eyes open, there were visuals of what Konto does best: to blend Hi-Fi-level acoustics into the interior of the listening room and home.


A big thank you to our great partner Genelec for a successful fair!