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119,00  incl. VAT 24%

Noormarkku is an acoustic panel with printed picture. You can also order similar acoustics made of your own photos. With acoustic wall art you can create both audible and visual atmosphere into your home.

Dimensions 90cm x 60cm x 2cm



Konto´s ecological acoustic products exhibit an excellent sound absorption capability. The main raw material is surface peat fiber which stands moisture extremely well and is mold resistant. Konto acoustics is a safe solution to solve acoustics problems at home and in public spaces.

  • dimensions 594 x 594 x 40mm
  • six panels per package
  • sound absorption class A (EN ISO 354 & EN ISO 11654)
  • Finnish M1 -classification (no odour nor emissions in to the air inside)
  • low ph -> mold resistant
  • Products are treated with ecologic M1 / CE classified paints.

Additional information

Dimensions 90 × 60 × 2 cm