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158,00  incl. VAT 24%

594 x 594 x 20mm

Finnish art & design company Flora of Finland sprouted out from ambitious project to create a herbarium of the flora of Finland. Each plant has been photographed in Finnish nature just minutes after being picked up. The brand is based on the creator’s passion for artistic expression, love for Finnish nature and the courage to visualize one’s dreams.


If you’re interested to get customized Flora of Finland acoustic art pieces, please contact: or Anna-Mari Lämsä:



Konto by Flora of Finland collection contains 4 acoustic art pieces.

Collection: Scots Pine (594 x 594), Lingonberry (594 x 594), Rowan II (594 x 894) & Tufted Vetch II (594 x 1194)

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Dimensions594 × 594 × 20 cm