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Which designer we used for Turku Construction and interior design 2021 ?

The answer is we did not. When one has stylish products and selected colours, even a sales manager is able to confuse the real interior designers. This year we were by far the most one the spot and good looking stand on this exhibition. On the left there are Acoustic pastilles by Design Tallu and on the right wall there is a ceiling. Well it is a wall but still a ceiling. Firealarms and all. The two most important elements a person should have when you think of building your own house or renovating an old one:  effective acoustic panels and acoustic eye candy to those places you cannot put something ordinary.


The most stylish stand on the Turku Construction and Interior design 2021? 


An acoustic wall demonstation. 1194x594x20mm Konto white panel on grey base.


Acoustic pastilles by Design Tallu, available now in Konto webshop