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Konto in TV series production

Working with sound and also with motion picture is a work for art. Konto acoustics has been found a long time ago these audio focused professionals in home cinemas and recording studios, large exhibition structures as well as music concert backstage services for artists. It was not surprice that Dionysos Films asked Konto to be part creating acoustically working and good looking set for TV -series Ex-Onnelliset. And even one may spot the new colours of Konto´s “Torro” among other acoustic pieces, it is not traditionally product placement but truly they are for mutual benefit in the filming set. Filming set is like a typical appartment or house: hard surfaces cause resound which Konto has the visual solution.

We apologize the internet quality of the pictures below. Please if you have not watched Ex-Onnelliset season 3 yet, take some time for yourself and do it now! Torro new colours are available soon or are already. One just need to send us an email and we get back to you!