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Industrial in Eskilstuna Sweden

Energimyndigheten in Eskilstuna has to be one of the most interesting projects of this year. Not only because the building itself was an old factory and build from ruins to offices of Swedish Energy Agency. Wildlife was blocked out by building a roof and modern glass walls and windows. Old concrete and brick walls were left as original looking as possible and they really succeeded to renovate a modern old industrial building.

Only problem was sound reverberation time in the new lunch room. With high ceiling, brick walls and big glass surfaces the acoustic panels in the ceiling were just too little or not efficient enough to kill the reverberations. The staff of Energimyndigheten could not enjoy their lunch.

We visited the site in the spring time and did all we could beforehand. But we knew that some measurements and cutting has to be made on site. Fortunately we have such a professional like Matti from Tmi Masan Buugi, who can improvise and turn the ideas of our customers into reality. The handyman ( unnamed Konto Sales Manager) was hunting down scaffoldings and missing tools around the Eskilstuna city with his poor Swedish skills while Matti install the acoustics. Together we exceeded our customers expectations.

It was not until the next day we realised the change in the lunch room sounds. When one installs panels one by one you get used to better reverberation time but when you are away some time, your ears recalibrate and then you hear how much better the space is now than it was before.