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Pyry Luminen (North East Design), the designer of the FUJI acoustic board, visually solved the sound problems in Datacubist Oy’s video conference room by listening to the customer. Mount Fuji plays a significant role in the history of Datacubist Oy and now the relieflike FUJI-artwork also serves as a background for video conferencing.


Datacubist Oy, Tampere Finlayson


At Finlayson in Tampere, the acoustics of Datacubist Oy’s premises were carried out simultaneously with a major renovation. The acoustic panel mounted on the wall measures 240 x 120 cm. The total depth of four layers is 80 mm, when each layer is a Konto’s 20 mm acoustic panel. The same Fuji acoustic board is available in four different color series. Inquiries and Sales: North East Design