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Design acoustics – RIMA

One year is behind with not a single fair attended. 2020 will be remembered from many things. I remember it from the pleasure having a small part in the process of creating something beautiful, something that makes Konto acoustics so special in the group of acoustic material manufacturers.

Just about a year ago, Mrs Okko from Okko Design Ab approached to me with Swedish designs and with question: Can we create this from peat? We were preparing to go to Salone del Mobile, Milan and the worldwide situation was getting worse. Mrs Okko showed me the design of RIMA -acoustic module created by Carina Seth Andersson. Later 2020 in November, the New Era Magazine published an article Swedish designers create acoustic panels from renewable peat fibres . The New Era Magazine which focuses on Scandinavian design and architecture was distributed to the professionals of the branch throughout the world.


Designer of RIMA Carina Seth Andersson (front) and Marja-Liisa Okko


So what makes RIMA so special except the ageless design and peat which it is made of ? Well, it was one of the designs we would have launched in Milan. And not just any place in Milan but in an exhibition area curated by Lidewij Edelkoort . This exhibition area would have been window to Scandiavian design, nature, ecologic innovations and sustainability. Peat acoustics was the trend of the year and the hottest point in Milan was about to have the best acoustics available.

Thank you Okko Design and Carina Seth Andersson! Without people like you, the world of acoustics would be so dull.


Okko Design RIMA Acoustic panel (brochure)